When Lexus rhymes with White

There is a silence that wants to be heard. A silence powered by elegant cars, a silence within which the engines Lexus redefine the concept of hybrid and eco-sustainability. And to be heard there are no roads better than those of Milan, the engine for excellence that moves economy, tastes and trends

But if there are many fads, there is only one way to conceive of the modern car. And this is what Lexus wants to talk about. It will do so at the gates of the spring, thanks to a partnership between the White Ostuni and Real Motors Spa, dealership market leader in Europe, participating in a large choral event which sees excellence to act as a leitmotif.

With it’s Tour of 2014 White Ostuni intends to expand colors and scents of Puglia in the metropolis. Through the same ways, Lexus wants to dwell on the topic of the environment, to preserve intact the value and respect.

Always been synonymous with cutting-edge technology, the Lexus brand has been characterized by attention to environmental sustainability. He did this through the development of hybrid engines, a Copernican revolution in the world of mobility and energy conservation.

On 21th of March, at the Milan event organized by the White Ostuni, Real Motors Spa will provide several cars Lexus Hybrid range that will accompany the evening’s guests to the exclusive dinner at Just Cavalli in Milan and DJ sets at the prestigious Hollywood Milan.

Protagonists of the event will also be the green graffiti, an innovative way to communicate through a creativity responsible toward the environment. You can leave the sign without dirtying, write without staining, because what really counts and remain impressed in the perception of who appreciates the value of companies far-sighted.

It is with these principles that the association between the White and Real Motors is preparing to mark the route to a season of button events, meetings, people. To give a sense to the world in which we live and how we move within him. It is only thus that the future will arrive as soon as possible.