For a Friday to be experienced with the White Group

Another Friday “Live and Dinner”, yet another success, this time starring at 9.30 pm at White Ostuni Beach Club, the music played by the group “Le Guerre di Faber”.

The musical project “Le Guerre di Faber” was founded in May 2015 from the mind of Luciano Tafuro (vocals and guitar), Francesco Fioschini (drums and percussion) and Mattia Cavaiola (guitar). The formation of the tribute is completed with the entry of Enrico Conte (accordion and keyboards) and Giancarlo Martino (bass), all united by a strong motivation and love for music, as well as a past technical training behind.
The music continues with the musical selection by Marcello Danese and Mino Schina to continue the night in the most exclusive beach club of Puglia.

Live music also continues in the splendid setting of the Gran Caffè Restaurant Tito Schipa, from 10 pm Antonio Lorenzo Duo will liven up the evening most of the local fashion of the White City.