Friday with Live Music

White Ostuni Beach Club – Monticelli, Ostuni
Friday “Live & Dinner” continues: dinner with live music on the beach. After the huge success of last week that saw the protagonist Rosalia De Souza, tonight is the time of Michelangelo Bufi. A versatile artist who lives with transport music and passion for many genres ranging from jazz, swing, funk, bossa nova, blues and soul, a driving force of his continuous musical research. Author and self-taught composer, constantly driven by the opportunity to fulfill their own harmony, the result of a set of influences that have allowed him to explore the world of music, in order to perfect their vocal tendencies. Appointment, then, tonight at 9.30 pm at White Ostuni Beach Club for an evening that continues after dinner, with: Mino Schina and Marcello Danese, voice: Sandro Toffi.

Gran Caffe Tito Schipa – Vittorio Emanuele 19-21, Ostuni
Elegance, fun and charm, this what is perceived on the beautiful terrace of the Gran Caffé Restaurant Tito Schipa. Tonight, Friday, July 1 from 10 pm live music with the wonderful voice of Ramona Schino accompanied by the notes of the guitarist Vito Ottolino. An evening to live intensely with a dinner with surprising view that only the Terrace of Gran Caffè Ristorante Tito Schipa offers.