White on Tour – Rome

The second stage of White on Tour 2016 has a great success! The last stage took place at Chorus Cafè in Rome, on April 8.

The tour promotes the “White Ostuni Beach Club”, located in the beautiful location called “Quarto di Monte”, for a night made in Puglia that led early summer.

For one night, the Capital, has experienced the magic of sounds, colors and scents of the beautiful land of Puglia. The White Ostuni Beach Club has brought with it, around Italy, views and values of Puglia, with the warmth that only the Southern Land owns.

Music entrusted to the DJ Ciccio DB, Claudio de Tullio and Diony.

The Capital magically lit by a ray of sunshine that has flown his guests at the White Ostuni Beach Club, giving appointment to the next summer season, which will start from June 18, 2016!

“White Ostuni Beach Club” is restaurant and cocktail bar, fruit store and night life with music, all wrapped in a warm and comfortable atmosphere. “Enjoy your senses” is the slogan of the White Ostuni, an exclusive place able to rediscover the 5 senses that only the Apulia can awaken.