White Ostuni Beach Club on tour!

White Ostuni Beach Club wants to give you a taste of the exclusive holiday Made in Puglia, bringing on tour around Italy sun, music and entertainment, to discover the 5 senses.

The Nepentha of Milan and Sharivari of Rome, for the third consecutive year are the protagonists of the promoting tour of “White Ostuni Beach Club”, famous apulian beach club, located in the beautiful location called “Quarto di Monte”, a paradise nestled like a pearl in a picturesque bay on the Adriatic coast that bathes Ostuni.
Restaurant and aperitif “Made in Puglia”, bars, fruit store and night life with live music, all wrapped in a warm and comfortable atmosphere. “Enjoy your senses” is the slogan of the White Ostuni, an exclusive place able to rediscover the 5 senses that only Puglia knows awaken: the warmth of the sun for the feel, the beautiful view of the sea and olive trees for the view, the incredible traditions of the kitchen to the taste and smell, the live music for the hearing.

White On Tour 2016. First stage in Milan.
The White Ostuni Beach Club aims to show the wealth of this land throughout Italy during the stages of his national tour. Will bring flavors, views and values ​​of Puglia. The first stop will be March 18, 2016 at Nepentha Club in Piazza Diaz, 1. An evening of elegance and fun with DJ Nico Rinaldi, Ciccio DB and the beautiful voice of Gabry.

However, the tour will not stop here. The second step is scheduled on April 8 in Rome, at the Sharivari (Via di Torre Argentina, 78).

After bringing the Apulian excellence on tour to Italy, June 18 it will open the summer season the White Ostuni Beach Club, which will go on until September to give its guests three months of pure relaxation.

Tourism in Apulia. Puglia has always been a tourist destination for Italian and foreign tourists, tourist incoming recorded an increase of 8.3% from 2015. With its 860 km of varied coastline, including the golden beaches of fine sand and breathtaking cliffs, sea Puglia boasts in 2015 with 11 Blue Flags, coveted award given to the coastal resorts that meet quality criteria related to the bathing water parameters and service offered, in addition to the 5 sails of Legambiente. Tourism, then, that has a steady growth due not only to the beautiful natural landscapes of lush Mediterranean vegetation, but also for its varied gastronomic proposal. Puglia, known for its authenticity and richness of its flavors, is the sixth most popular culinary destination in the world. Moreover, in recent years, thanks to the wonderful nightclubs, located on the coast of Puglia, there has been a large presence of Italian and foreign young people, who were able to savor a real fun all “Made in Puglia”.

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