Three cocktails recommended by the Gran Caffè Tito Schipa!

Each week the Gran Caffe Tito Schipa recommends to all careful drinkers, some cocktails prepared with quality ingredients.

We started our journey with a cocktail made in Cantine Ferrari house:

Ferrari MaximICE: an unusual combination of Ferrari Maximum Demi-Sec with sage and white pepper, which is becoming one of the most popular cocktails.

Simple ingredients and absolutely natural that preserve the elegance of the beading. Easy to implement and highly effective, the MaximICE appeals to younger and also gives to aficionados an unexpected and stylish alternative to the classic aperitif of Tito Schipa.

– 4/5 sage leaves
– White pepper powder
– 10 cl of Ferrari Maximum Demi-Sec
– 5 ice cubes
– Served in glass Vertical Horizontal

Put the sage leaves into the cup, add freshly ground white pepper and continue mashing slightly all. Add ice, the Ferrari Maximum Demi-Sec and mix.

Last week we continued our journey, moving to London, with the Gin & Tonic prepared with Beetfeater 24, premium gin of the historic Beetfeater family.

Beefeater 24 is the result of a maceration of 24 hours of no less than 12 ingredients that create a true London gin with hints of tea, a fresh aroma and incredible softness on the finish. Suitable for aperitifs or after work, it is ideal to sip while sitting on the sofas of Tito Schipa with background music.

4 / 4cl Gin Beetfeater 24
1,5cl of Tonic
juniper berries and lemon zest for decoration

Pour the gin into a glass filled with ice, then add tonic water. Place the manniper berries and lemon zest in the glass to complete the decoration.

This week, finally, the Gran Caffe Tito Schipa transports you in the book “007 – Casino Royale”, advising Vesper, a cocktail born from the imagination of writer Ian Flaming, when in the novel the secret agent James Bond order and appoint a cocktail in honor of Vesper Lynd, Bondgirl of which 007 were in love.

The cocktail is a pre-dinner, suitable to precede the exclusive dinners in the restaurant Gran Caffè Tito Schipa.

– 6cl Gin Beefeater 24
– 1,5cl of Absolut Vodka Elyx
– 0,75 cl Lillet Blanche
– Twist of lemon for decoration

Shake ingredients with ice and serve garnished with a long slice of lemon peel.

It just has to go in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 19-21 in Ostuni, to taste, on a comfortable sofas, these or other cocktails proposed in the menu.