Three location for five senses

How many times have we experienced the unbelievable capacity of odors or flavors to awaken for an instant the experience of the past rooted in the bottom of our memory? The five senses are the greatest allies of memories… And we want to help you build with unforgettable experiences in our location.

To feel on your body the roughness of the sand and the warmth of the sun:
 White Ostuni Beach Club: a summer location suitable to relax and have fun at the same time, during your holidays in Puglia. White Ostuni Beach Club is dynamism: Beach and restaurant by day, informal lounge bar at sunset and exclusive club when night falls. Barefoot on the sand, you can move to the rhythm of the music selected by our designers or live band music, which accompany joyfully aperitifs pugliesi or another nights.

To admire a breathtaking view and evoke childhood memories with the smell of freshly baked croissants:
White Ostuni Tito Schipa: location multifaceted and dynamic, capable of changing format depending on the time of day. Large breakfasts with the service that bakery pastries and breads always homemade, lunches and dinners in bistrot room to enjoy a varied menu but always sought, relax hall where you can enjoy a beer aor a cocktail e, precious jewel of the location, the terrace, with views of the sea and the old town of Ostuni. History and innovation mix of flavors and aromas, elegance and quality.

To taste the best Italian wines and typical products of Puglia:
Enjoy wine bar: a delightful little place in the heart of Ostuni, where to choose from more than 100 wines from Italy’s best wine cellars, tease meats and flavors typical of Puglia, indulge the soft music that accompanies you during the evenings.

Enjoy your senses with us!!