Tito Schipa is coming back

A piece of ostuni’s history that is reborn , the evolution of the Grand Cafe Tito Schipa, the old is renewed.

Basically it is the reopening of the Gran Caffe Tito Schipa. At 10 pm on saturday, May 16 in Ostuni, in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, the chic salon of the city will be ready,  finely polished, ready for a new adventure. All renovated, respecting the time that never fades … Because the location’s grandeur and abstemious are capable of challenging any historical epoch

The Gran Caffe Tito Schipa, lounge, aperitif, bistro, which is open all day from morning till evening, offering a vast of aperitifs, cold and hot dishes, pastries and savories of various kinds, apart from being suitable for even just a drink hit-and-run.

Stay tuned