Qu.ale silent party? That of Enjoy!

That was the name of the event set last 25th April in the wine shop ENJOY, a new location in Vittorio Emanuele II street, in Ostuni.

The wine “ Qu.ale” of the young entrepreneur Alessandra Quarta , was the sponsor of the amazing silent party in Ostuni, which is  known as the white city. For  the citizens’ relief, out loud music and shoutings are stopped for one night, the music was high but only in headphones! Two types of music, selected by Claudio De Tullio, were offered: 90’s for those who love the last twenty years and house music well mixed by DJ De Tullio. Freedom to choose not only drinks but also music!

Participants could borrow headphones and sip a glass of wine for only 5 euros, and could also taste a wine flavoured sorbet, kindly offered to everyone.

This was only the first of a long series of events that will come in succession for the coming summer season at the Enjoy in Ostuni, a place where you can choose from more than one hundred wines that come from the best wine cellars in Italy, where you can taste cured meats and typical flavors of Puglia and you can appreciate good music , you can’t leave empty-handed. In fact, in this case the participants received a pin branded “Qu.ale”, the democratic wine!

So, follow us, stay tuned and ENJOY!!!