White on Tour 2015 – Shari Vari Here we are!!

White Ostuni Beach Club decided to do promote itself in the most famous cities of Italy: Milan and Rome!

The first stop in Milan, on March 19 at the Gattopardo Café, has enjoyed a great success, with over 200 contacts during the aperitif and the exclusive DJ set with Lello Mascolo, Ciccio DB and the voice of Gabry.

On 28 March 2015, White on Tour arrives at Shari Vari, in Rome! From 7.30 pm: live music of Audio Magazine in the Bistrot Room! Following, in the Club will perform DJs Ciccio DB and Claudio de Tullio, while in the Baroque hall djs Nico Rinaldi with Jimmy Bentley (thanks to COSO friends).

The well-known bracelets Made in Carcere, undisputed symbol of White Ostuni and charity, will be distributed free to all guests.

For info and reservations: events@whiteostuni.it // + 39 3913843054