White on Tour 2015 – Let’s start!

After the success of White On Tour 2014, White Ostuni Beach Club is proposing again a new and exclusive Tour that will take place in Milan and Rome.

The goal is to awaken the five senses through the experience of Puglia: the vivid colors of the Mediterranean, the slight aroma of the wine and the inviting flavors of Puglia, will ideally merge to the rhythm of music.

On Thursday, March 19, in Milan, it will start the tour. Elegance and style are the undisputed protagonists of the night in an exclusive location: il  Gattopardo Cafe. Church of the beginning of the last century, deconsecrated in the 70s, from10pm, the dj set will evoke the atmosphere of the White Ostuni summer with DJ Lello Mascolo, Nico Rinaldi and Ciccio DB, accompanied by the voice of La Gabry.

On Saturday, March 28 at Sharivari in Rome, your senses will be awakened by the live music of Audio Magazine and dj set by Nico Rinaldi, Ciccio DB and Claudio de Tullio, voice Diony.

And where we can finish this journey of rediscovery of the senses, if not in Ostuni? A point of arrival, but also to start. In fact, after bringing the Puglia and Ostuni and around Italy, in June will open the 2015 season at the White Ostuni.

The sea, the music and our tastes will frame the summer 2015. We are waiting for You!