Cooking Show with Sebastiano Lombardi and Alfio Ghezzi

Ostuni and the sea, Trento and the Dolomites. Two realities on a comparison for a ‘Starry’ evening.  July 29, 2014 at 20:30, immersed in the sea breeze of the White Ostuni Beach Club, two cooks well known in the international culinary field, starred by the Michelin Guide, will provide taste and emotions typical of their land.

Sebastiano Lombardi, Chef of Relais The Top 5 star hotel (Ostuni), will prepare meals for a trip to the primary flavors of Puglia. Past and present meet in the dishes that Sebastian Lombardi prepares with passion, by combining the recipes of the past to a creative game that does not forget the flavors and smells of authentic products and natural of Puglia.

Alfio Ghezzi, Chef of the Locanda Margon, the restaurant of the Cantine Ferrari in Trento, will propose the best offers its own ground, the Trentino, appreciating the taste of the products grown on the ground and of local bubbles. A mix of flavors and traditions that give rise to a rich menu:



Rye, butter, speck, radish and watercress of the brook (Alfio Ghezzi)
Marinated salmon, roasted barley, carrots, apricots and tarragon (Alfio Ghezzi)
Salted meat, olive bread, mayonnaise, tomatoes and raspberries (Alfio Ghezzi)
Violet shrimp roasted pineapple and red onion (Sebastian Lombardi)
Eggplant parmesan caprese of stracciatella smoked (Sebastiano Lombardi)
Focaccia and capocollo of Martina Franca (Sebastian Lombardi)


Spaghetti with perlé – trout roe flavored with parsley (Alfio Ghezzi)
Cavatellini burnt wheat, chicory and grass pea mussels (Sebastian Lombardi)

Sweet End (Sebastian Lombardi)

Cost per person: € 30
for info and reservations: 3935313714 – 3933634733

White Ostuni Beach Club
Monticelli, Ostuni (BR)