White Ostuni landed at Hollywood: a night to frame

Without people, places are only frame devoid of canvas.

With this awareness, White Ostuni Beach Club taked its frame to Milan to fill it up of moods, faces, desire of fun.

The long night of Hollywood Rythmoteque early become a painting in which white was the predominant color. The white color united with the dyes of milanese night, absorbed by the unavoidable wave of pugliese passion landed in the city.

The style of the evening has immediately characterized by the elegant cars Lexus Gamma Hybrid made available by Real Motors, dealer of this famous brand, to play along with the guests of White Ostuni to Hollywood Rythmoteque.

A nightclub that, only for a night, was transformed into a beach. Everything tasted of saltiness, commemorated the pleasant atmosphere of White Ostuni. While on the screen flew images of sunny beaches and inviting shores, all the guests were photographed into a frame with the brands “White Ostuni” and “Lexus” and then honoured with bracelets produced by the creative workshop “Made in Carcere”.

Then, music and fun have prevailed, accompanied by smiles, glee, healthy carefree.

It was a night of authentic transport. A beautiful frame for a painting not only to hang up between the good memories, but to show with pride to who loves Puglia like us.