Just…White Ostuni

It’s simple to follow the trends. Draft them much less.
Define a trend doesn’t mean impose a taste, but intercept it.It isn’t synonymous of constriction, but of sagacity, shared with and between people. In this sense Roberto Cavalli was prophetic, shine at the creation of a brand with a strong personality, a brand with the recognizable identity by the Worldwide.
A brand that has not stopped at the great clothes, moving its values also in others forms of excellence. Fashion, food, design. A three-colored of absolute value which paint the nights of Just Cavalli Restaurant&Club. Not a simple club, more than disco.
Created by Roberto Cavalli and the designer Italo Rota, Just Cavalli Milano escapes any definition, is updated with new styles, stands as an example of post-modern dynamism and continuous experimentation. Rooted in the center of Milan, is located between the oaks of Parco Sempione, dominated by the famous White Tower.
In harmony of colors, it is here that the White Ostuni intends to celebrate his acclaime to the five senses, in a perfect frame for his picture. A fresco from Puglia that breathes with salt and transmits brightness.
In this evocative atmosphere, fertile of meetings and pleasure, Friday, March 21 the WhiteOstuni invites guests to enjoy an exclusive dinner. Because here the kitchen is understood as embroidery and drinking accompanies all as a valuable accessory.
Because what makes a place unique are the people who inhabit it and the Just Cavalli is the perfect place for those who – like the White-Ostuni -intends to weave new bonds and show up in style.