White night in Milan

A color that knows no seasons. It’s a feeling that goes beyond space, transversal perception at the time. But if time and space are the summer and the coasts of Apulia, then the color will be white.

After a great debut season, relaxing and refined of the constant entertainment, The White Ostuni Beach Club takes us to export it’s mantra elsewhere, to decline the scents and the sensations where the sea and sand are EIB past memories or hopes of future holidays.

On March 21, 2014 The White arrives in Milan, arriving in the city of design, fashion, urban praise of the Made in Italy, the keystone of which imposes rhythms, pleasures and vitality. A great double event that celebrates the connection between these distant reality that you discover similar in search of pure excellence. An exclusive evening, set in two places-the symbol of Milan. The Just Cavalli for a dinner at the elegance and exclusive Hollywood Milano for a dj set that evoke the atmosphere of night and summer White.

The first day of spring thus becomes the occasion of meeting between people and kindred spirits, the beginning of a new season in which get longer days and nights. An experience of shared pleasure also dedicated for the environment, not only synonymous with the sea, Sun, beaches, but especially eco-sustainability.

Partner of the event also Real Motors Spa, dealership leader of Milan, who will attend by placing at the disposal of guests some Lexus models range Hybrid. In the course of the evening will be made green graffiti, a new way to convey the respect for nature.

The same as the White intends to communicate, that of a genuine Apulia, that of a place capable of transmitting heat and colors. It will do in Milan, scoring in fact the embrace between two universes that will touch, they will look the same part from different perspectives, you will hear, taste of sharing up to smell it. It will be the search of It will be the search of the sixth sense; pleasure. And even that doesn’t know seasons.

Enjoy your senses!